$1,000 Core Values Scholarship – A Reward for Commitment

$1,000 Core Values Scholarship

The goal of the Honor Organization Core Value Scholarship is to recognize and honor a member who exemplifies the principles upon which our society was founded.

A member is considered a qualified candidate for this scholarship if they can articulate how they feel they fit the core value of their choosing and how well they embody that value, whether it be one of the core values or all of the core values.

This scholarship program is both managed and financially supported by the Honor Society Foundation Scholarship Fund.

Over one hundred fifty thousand dollars have been allocated for scholarships to be given out between the years 2022 and 2023, and it is anticipated that one beneficiary will be chosen each month beginning this year.

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$1,000 Core Values Scholarship

A Brief Overview of the Scholarship Program

The award of $1,000 Core Values Scholarship is open to both first-year and continuing students who are currently enrolled into universities and colleges and maintain satisfactory academic standing.

After the third week of each relevant semester, scholarship payments will be distributed, at the student’s discretion, either in the form of a check or a direct deposit.

Requirements for this $1,000 Core Values Scholarship

  • An applicant is required to please explain how he or she believes align with those of our organization and which of our fundamental values is most important to you. Example: “I feel that I reflect the ‘Humble’ core value, as I have spent a great deal of time working in soup kitchens.”

  • Members of the Honor Society are required to fill out their profiles completely and include a headshot in their profiles.
  • The application essay is to contain up to 500 words expressing how the Core Value that you exemplify relates to your life and/or the goals that you have set for yourself.
  • Your current grade point average as well as a copy of your most recent transcript. (This is an unofficial transcript; it is acceptable to apply. Before the scholarship funds are distributed, the recipient will be required to provide an official transcript.

Criteria for this scholarship

In consideration of both academic accomplishments (grade point average, list of honors and awards), as well as holistic application factors (leadership positions, community service, etc).

A scoring rubric will be utilized to evaluate each applicant. In the event that more than one person applies for the same position, the winner will be chosen at random from those candidates.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant must currently be a member of the Honor Society.
  • Members of the Honor Society are required to fill out their profiles completely and include a headshot in their profiles.
  • Applicants need to be comfortable providing a video testimony and/or a written statement about their program and the scholarship they are applying for.

Publication of the names of those who have won the $1,000 Core Values Scholarship

Our procedure for awarding scholarships has been simplified and made more efficient! The awardees should first anticipate hearing back from the foundation within three weeks of the submission deadline. Within a month’s time, the winners will be made known to the general public on our website, our monthly newsletter, and through our various social media platforms.

Due to the fact that scholarship opportunities are provided on an ongoing basis, applications will be reviewed for up to three months after they have been submitted. After at least three months have passed since the initial application was submitted, you are welcome to reapply with an updated one.

Funding and the number of awards given, over $200,000

The Honor Society Foundation Scholarship Fund is the organization in charge of running and providing funding for this scholarship program.

The budget for the scholarships for the year 2022 has been set at more than $200,000, and it is anticipated that there will be one beneficiary of this scholarship per month throughout the present year.

Dates and times for the deadlines:

This scholarship is open during the months of March, July, and November. The application deadline for the scholarship will be on the 15th of any month chosen by the  organizers.

How to apply for $1,000 Core Values Scholarship

To successfully apply for this scholarship you are advised to checkout the application form here or visit the official application site to apply directly.

Please read carefully the above listed qualification criteria before going on to apply. This will save the time and stress of applying for the program when your are not qualified.


Only active Honorsociety members can apply for this scholarship and get any form of consideration. Login here if you are a member already or sign up here if you are new.

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