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Car Accident Lawyer Frisco

Car Accident Lawyer Frisco: Being involved in an automobile accident can be very perplexing. A cascade of events that can devastate a person’s entire life will be set off in just one second.

A person must decide if they wish to pursue legal action against the at-fault driver after receiving medical attention for any injuries. They are missing time from work while doing this, which negatively impacts their home lives.

The insurance companies, the very people who are supposed to help, frequently make matters worse. They can take advantage of unrepresented litigants by barraging them with paperwork, disputing liability in clear-cut cases, and harassing them.

Getting a competent lawyer to secure rightful compensation is the recommended thing to do. Read on to find out how to contact a competent legal practitioner in Frisco.

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Top 5 car accident attorneys in Frisco and their contacts

1. The Hudson Law Firm Is Carrollton Injury Law’s Fuel

Clients in Frisco and the surrounding regions are served by Carrollton Injury Law Fueled By Hudson Law Firm. It aids victims in pursuing personal injury claims against careless drivers and insurance companies, notably automobile owners hurt in auto accidents.

These cover things like health treatment, property damage, and monetary agreements. It also handles cases involving intoxicated driving carelessness, truck accidents, motorbike accidents, and pedestrian accidents.

Other practice areas cover wrongful death, property negligence injuries, and slip-and-fall accidents. The book “Top 10 Injury Claim Mistakes,” written by leading personal damage attorney Joel Hudson, offers legal guidance for submitting injury petitions. Reach this firm at

2. Elahi Law 

In Frisco, Elahi Law is a law office that assists clients with their legal requirements. This business assists customers in handling personal injury lawsuits including vehicle accidents because it has litigation experience dating back to 2007.

Shayan Elahi assists those involved in auto accidents at every level of the legal procedure, beginning with getting medical attention. Elahi also wants to make sure that clients get the finest settlement to which they are entitled during the discovery phase. Elahi had previously served as a public defender for Orange County. Contact the office at

3. Feizy Law Office, third

Feizy Law Office is a Frisco-based law practice that specializes in defending the rights and interests of auto accident victims in Texas. The firm was established in 200. All collisions involving sedans, SUVs, trucks, semitrucks, motorbikes, bicycles, and pedestrians are handled by its attorney.

The legal team fights for full reimbursement for medical costs, lost wages, property losses, and pain and suffering using its experience representing hundreds of clients in personal injury lawsuits and understanding of Texas law. Call the office at (214) 651-8686

4. Ghatrehee Legal Services

The Ghatrehee Law Firm, PLLC represents Frisco individuals and families throughout the whole legal process. This firm’s personal injury attorneys handle matters involving auto accidents.

They assist customers in obtaining compensation for physical suffering, medical expenses, emotional agony, and disfigurement.

Additionally, they support clients in legal actions and in obtaining just recompense for their losses and burial expenses. The company also expands its areas of operation to include tax collection and asset protection. Call the office at (469) 375-4553

5. J. Alexander Law

Personal injury attorneys at J. Alexander Law represent clients in Frisco and the surrounding areas. It offers legal assistance to anyone hurt in auto accidents brought on by careless drivers who were intoxicated, distracted, driving too fast, or driving recklessly.

Its attorneys handle cases involving accidents involving its clients that may have resulted in a variety of wounds, including whiplash, fractured bones, brain and spine injuries, or organ damage. The firm also handles claims involving wrongful death, slip-and-fall accidents, pedestrian accidents, and severe injuries. Contact this office at

Texas traffic regulations that you should be aware of

The majority of traffic collisions occur as a result of unsafe driving practices. As a result, a Frisco car accident attorney is pursuing them under the legal theory of negligence.

In a nutshell, negligence happens when someone has a responsibility to protect someone else but, through their actions or inaction, endangers the person who is supposed to be protected. A successful negligence claim consists of five components or elements:

Duty is created when someone does something that obligates them to look out for others. All motorists have a responsibility to keep other motorists, pedestrians, and passengers safe. So, this requirement is always satisfied in a case involving a car accident.

Duty is said to have been breached when the person responsible acts in a way that causes harm. This can be done by breaking a traffic law or just driving carelessly. Running a stop sign or texting while driving are two examples.

The likelihood that one driver will be held accountable rises if the police note on their report that they were engaging in one of these behaviors.

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Causation – Any harm that the plaintiff alleges must be linked to the violation of the duty of care. Any preexisting conditions won’t be considered in the case, but any worsening brought on by the accident might be compensated for.

Scope: The damages incurred or damages of a comparable nature must have been foreseeable given the circumstances of the case.

Damages – The plaintiff must, last but not least, have been physically hurt as a result of the accident. No matter how careless the at-fault driver was, a Frisco car accident lawyer cannot assert a claim in the absence of damages.

Additionally, prospective claimants need to be aware that there is a deadline for filing a lawsuit. Any lawsuit alleging personal injury must be filed within two years of the incident, per Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 16.003. The window of opportunity to file a lawsuit in some circumstances may even be shorter than two years.

The court cannot hear the case after this period has passed. The statute of limitations, also known as the time limit, is a typical excuse used to reject a claim. Car Accident Lawyer Frisco

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